A sneaky peek…

1 Sep

…into what is coming up on this blog.

Our first day has been great fun, the bank account series has generated a lot of traffic through the site with over 150 people having looked at the articles since lunchtime.

There is definitely  more of that type of useful article just around the corner.  As well as some other very exciting blog posts…

A couple of weekly series that will be starting soon include:

  • Cheap Eats – short, easy, healthy, very tasty and most definitely cheap recipes that will not only keep you full up but keep vital cash in your wallet.
  • Unmissable discounts -hand-picked student discounts and offers that are just too good to miss!
  • Student Card bonus – highlighting one or two student discounts a week that are permanently available to student ID card holders.

As well as all those fab things we bet you can’t wait to see, there will also be advice on how to make shared accommodation work for you, best travel deals, ways to help your bank balance survive Freshers Week (or Fortnight!) and snippets of what both your Student’s Union and the NUS are doing to help us save money.

We can’t wait – hope you are as excited as us!

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Happy  ‘Clever Student Money’ day!


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