Presenting…Clever Student Money

1 Sep

Welcome to our spangly new blog. Clever Student Money is a new blog breaking into the personal finance world. We are here to help students work through the challenges of managing money at University. We know that most students break into a cold sweat when the words ‘Student finance’ and ‘Budgeting’ are mentioned. Clever Student Money is putting a fresh new twist onto managing money and pulling all the best info, hints and tips into one easily accessible place.

What makes us the one to read? Well, we are students, we are currently at University or have very recently graduated. We know what it’s like to be scraping together the pennies at the end of term to pay for the train fare home. We know that as a student, managing money isn’t high on the priority list, so anything that makes it simpler is a great idea.

Occasionally there may be a guest blog from some very clever people who can be found working in various areas of the finance world who know just a little bit more about interest rates and ISAs than we do but the majority of these posts are written by those in the same position as you.

The Clever Student Money promises:

We promise not to baffle you with crazy words such as ‘compound interest’ or ‘Annual Equivalent Rate’ without explaining them properly.

We promise to bring all the info on student finance matters here to you, so it’s all in one place.

We promise to bring you a handpicked selection of the best discounts and offers being made available to students all around the UK.

We promise to bring you the best tips and hints to help you manage your money whilst you are at University.

We promise to update the blog regularly and answer any questions you lovely people put to us.

What we can’t promise is to not tell terrible jokes along the way and we definitely do not apologise for our awful taste in music.

Over the next few days the first few blog entries will appear. We are very excited about them – do leave us a comment to let us know what you think.

If you want to email us then you can at

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter – @cleverstudents

So, without further ado, we present Clever Student Money.


Clever Student Money


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