Cheap Eats: The rise of the Farmers’ Market

24 Sep

Good Evening!

Cheap Eats is today looking at the often overlooked Farmers’ Market.   A great place to save money and to support local communities as well as picking up unbeatable fresh fruit and vegetables.  It wasn’t long ago that supermarkets weren’t the giants they have become and it was much more routine to grab your fresh produce from markets and greengrocers.  The rise of the supermarket chain has done well to put a lot of these places out of business but still some survive,  and most notably Community Farmers’ Markets are becoming more popular and popping up all over the UK.

These Markets are one of CSM’s favourite things because the produce you can buy at the markets is so fresh and so tasty.   You will never be able to eat watery supermarket strawberries again once you compare them with a punnet of fresh flavoursome strawberries grown a few miles from your house with none of the excess chemicals and a tiny carbon footprint!

Not only does the food taste amazing,  it is a much more economical way of buying your produce,  it invariably lasts longer and the stall holder is usually up for a bit of good old fashioned haggling on the price.   You can pick the fruit and vegetables up, there is no excess packaging and definitely no shrink-wrap plastic!  You’ll also be surprised at how fun it is to wander around a sunny market on a Saturday morning – the produce stalls aren’t all that’s on offer, you’ll find people selling fresh local meat, dairy products, homemade bread, local wines and sometimes stall holders may be local jewellery makers or other craftsmen.

These markets are definitely a good way to pick up some well priced food that is really good quality.   Our tip would be to head near the end of the day when stall holders will be wanting to get rid of the produce they have left, an even better time to put your bartering skills to the test!

Look out for farmers’ markets in your town or city in local newspapers and community boards.   Ask around, local knowledge is gold!   You can also search online for markets in your areas, they may be weekly, fortnightly or even monthly and it’s worth noting the dates in your diary so you don’t forget!   Don’t forget to take a strong bag to cart your purchases home!

Some Students’ Unions are now setting up their own Fruit and Vegetable Co-Operatives, like this one at Cardiff University.   For a few pounds a week, you can take home a massive bag of local hand-picked fruit and veg.  A bargain, and your shopping done for you? Bonus!

Let us know how you get on, and where the markets are in your city – we would like to create a list to share where the best markets are around the UK.

Most Universities have started Freshers’ Week now,  so if you have just moved to University or are returning for yet another year – good luck!! Enjoy,  and take advantage of the great student deals that are bound to be on at the moment.




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