Clever Student Money is revolutionising the world of student finance.  After a few years at University we realised that although a lot of newpapers and magazines do one off articles around September every year, there isn’t a useful hub of information for students to browse all year long.

We aren’t businessmen, we aren’t even economics students, but what we are is passionate about making sure you realise that student finance doesn’t need to be scary.    We will do the research and bring articles about bank accounts, interest rates and student loans right to these pages.  We also want to share some great ideas to help you save both time and money.   Of course, we will be keeping our eyes and ears open to make sure we bring a selection of the best student discounts to light.

So if you have a question, query or just want to tell us how wonderful we are (why thankyou!), then drop us a line to savvystudent@gmx.com , find us on twitter @cleverstudents or leave a comment on this blog.

You can now find us on Facebook too!


The information provided on this site is not professional financial advice and we are not financial professionals. This is a blog that is written by students for students. Any persons taking actions after reading any of the posts contained on this blog do so at their own risk.

Also, all views on this site are our own and don’t represent any financial institution, University, professional body, business or Student’s Union unless otherwise stated.

Phew…now that is done, we can carry on!


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